James Jagger (b. 1843, Southowram, West Yorkshire) was the great-grandfather of Randy & Gary (me). At www.gedmatch.com Randy’s autosomal DNA is Kit T033828. Gary’s Kit is T203534. James Jagger in our Muffley tree: http://person.ancestry.com/tree/64174501/person/32503635466/facts

James Jagger’s great grandparents were Mary Jagger (b. 1759, Southowram) & an unknown man with Walker yDNA (determined from Randy’s yDNA matches to men of Group 20 in the Walker yDNA Project). Gary’s Walker-descendants autosomal DNA matches are consistent with this formulation.  

In the Family Tree DNA database, Randy has an autosomal DNA shared segment of 9.38 centiMorgans on Chromosome 10 with Donna. She reports descent from Jeremiah Jagger (born in West Yorkshire & died at Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut). My files list one Jeremiah John Jagger (b. January 27, 1610/11, Southowram). Years ago I ran across a Genforum note by Sandy Jagger Gauthier: ‘I have an old copy of a map of the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale that was given to me by other Jagger relatives. The old writings on the map say that "Jeremiah John Jagger was born here (Southowram) on January 27, 1611. A founder of Stamford, Connecticut in 1640, he was the first Jagger to come to America.”’ Several online trees list this man, but list various other West Yorkshire places of birth. Our line of Jagger were in Southowram across several generations, from at least the early 1700s, & perhaps earlier. I don’t find the surname Jagger for Southowram in the 1672 Hearth Tax rolls. Some Walker households were in Southowram in 1672, & one wonders if any were DNA kin to our Walker-Jagger line. They would have been contemporaries of Richard Walker (b. 1646, Gomersal) who was an ancestor of 2 men in Walker yDNA Group 20 who in turn are yDNA matches to Cousin Randy. Walker people in 1672 Southowram lived about 3 generations prior to “Mystery Man” Walker, the unknown father of our William Jagger (b. 1781, Southowram).

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