New Jagger cousin Chris saw this blog and contacted Gary. Chris’s tree at Ancestry.com
has this new information on the family of John and Mary Hardyman Jagger: Identity of spouses of James Jagger’s (b. 1843) sisters Susanna and Martha; and identity of the kids’ step-mother.

Susanna Jagger (1829-1858) married David Brier Aaron in 1848, shortly after the re-marriage of Susanna’s widowed father John Jagger to Elizabeth Marvell.  Jagger family history which was passed to Gary did not mention the sister Susanna at all, nor identify the step-mother. Both Susanna and Martha died in their late 20s.

James’ sister Martha (1839-1866) would have been the sister said to have gone to the orphanage with James. She may have only been there briefly. In the 1851 census, we find James, age 8, alone in the Halifax Union Workhouse. His brother Will and sister Martha were then living with the widowed step-mother Elizabeth “Betty” Marvell Jagger in the home of Betty’s father Thomas Marvell at Bank Bottom, Southowram. Susanna was married by then. John Jr. “Jack” Jagger in 1851 was in the home of the widow Crabtree, at 16 Gardeners Square.  

Now here is a shocker. The relevant Gardeners Square is in Halifax, not the Gardeners Square in Hipperholme. Forget all of what I’ve said about Hipperholme. The Halifax Gardeners Square does not appear on current maps, but was reportedly located between Well Lane and King Street, just northwest of the St. John The Baptist parish church. So, this location was quite near several kin, and sites of relevance to the Jagger and Hardyman families: The Aaron shoe shop; the Piece Hall; the Square Chapel independent church; and Southowram. And a long walk down Gibbet Street from the Halifax Union Workhouse.

Between the 1851 and 1861 censuses, several things happened regarding James and his siblings. Will went to America (married in Delaware in 1855). Susannah Jagger Aaron died (1858). James moved in with the family of Uncle Joseph Jagger. Martha may have worked as a servant in the home of Elizabeth Batty. Where was Jack? Had he already gone off to Blackpool? He reportedly ran a hotel in Blackpool, but nothing has been found regarding this.

Martha Jagger (1839-1866) married Joseph Henry Bolton in 1863. Their daughter Annie Bolton (b. 1866) was mentioned in the Jagger history written material which Gary inherited. Annie was probably visited in 1891-1892 by her first cousin Mattie Jagger, daughter of James. And probably by James himself when he went back to England during World War I.

Ancestors of Jagger-cousin Chris West:
Samuel Dean (1816-1900) and Elizabeth Jagger (1819-1905). 
Elizabeth was an aunt of our James Jagger (b. 1843).

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