Elizabeth “Betsy” Glenn Weidenhamer (b. 1829, Tennessee) was the mother of Frances Fredericka “Fanney” Weidenhamer Jagger (b. 1855, Illinois; wife of James Jagger). Betsy was Gary Muffley’s grandmother’s grandmother. Betsy’s photographs show her Cherokee and Choctaw ancestry, from her father James Glenn (b. abt. 1795). Betsy’s mother was Catherine “Cassie” Tucker (b. abt. 1801). The information base on both Glenn and Tucker kin is vast, and; far beyond the scope of these notes.

Betsy Glenn and her siblings were orphaned. Betsy became separated from her brothers and sisters when she was taken from Haywood County, Tennessee, to Illinois by Chancey and Martha Gridley. Some years ago I was researching my Glenn-Tucker in Haywood County, Tennessee, & I connected with descendants of Betsy’s siblings through the Glenn-Tucker Cousins Association. These researchers could not figure out what happened to Betsy, & had been looking for her descendants for years.

Cassie Tucker Glenn’s great-grandfather was Captain Robert Tucker Jr., who was born about 1676 in Charles City County, Virginia. Captain Robert Tucker was the son of Robert Tucker Sr. (b. abt. 1652, Charles City County) & Elizabeth Coleman (b. abt. 1657, Charles City County). Ancestry earlier in time gets a bit speculative. An early Tucker at the Jamestown settlement was Captain William Tucker, who was reportedly born in England in 1589. This Capt. William Tucker was a prominent historical figure in early Jamestown. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Families_of_Virginia

My Tucker line may, or may not, connect to this guy.

Captain Robert Tucker Jr. (b. 1676) married Elizabeth Parham in 1698 in Charles City County. His yDNA should have been a close match to that of a known Tucker kinsman of mine. The latter’s sample is #36127 at the Tucker DNA project at www.familytreedna.com/public/tucker/default.aspx Note that this sample is in a group for early Charles City County (CCC). Further samples & analysis for the CCC Tuckers may yield some interesting lineage groupings by common ancestry. My Tucker kinsman, whom I have met at reunions, had yDNA in the R1a haplogroup. His STR (Short Tandem Repeats) markers pattern would have closely resembled that of Robert Tucker (b. abt. 1752), father of my Cassie Tucker Glenn.

The stories of many of these Tucker kin are presented in the book “Tucker Trails Through Southside Virginia”, by B. DeRoy Beale. My Tucker kin migrated by stages through Virginia, upstate South Carolina, northeast Georgia, andTennessee. Some went on to Arkansas and Oklahoma, but my Betsy Glenn Weidenhamer lived subsequently in Adams County, Illinois, and finally Galesburg. Betsy Glenn married John Jacob Weidenhamer III in Quincy, 1846. They had 12 kids, which included Frances Weidenhamer Jagger.


For Additional Reading on Abigail Rogers and the Glenn-Tuckers

Note that "Many of the Arkansas groups thought they had settled in the New Choctaw Nation that had been established in Oklahoma, but when the Territorial lines were later clarified, they learned they were in Arkansas and thus outside the Choctaw Nation. This unfortunate fact would be one of the factors that would eventually lead to the Tucker-Glenns being declared "White Intruders" by the Choctaw Nation. A very long lawsuit would result from this that would eventually land in the U.S. Supreme Court."


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