James Jagger’s ancestry includes the surnames Hardyman, Wade, Kenion, Rhodes, and Wilkinson. His maternal great-grandfather John Hardyman was a soldier at the time of his March 15, 1769, marriage to Betty Kenion (b. 1753; Betty was the daughter of Thomas and Martha Rhodes Kenion). This marriage was only a few years following the world conflict called the Seven Years War (termed French and Indian War in America). Much later, Arthur Wellesley (the future Duke of Wellington) was associated with West Yorkshire troops. There is a Wellington Chapel with a fine rood screen inside St. John’s Parish Church in Halifax. Several persons of my ancestry were associated with this Church of England parish church, and also with the nearby Square Independent Chapel (visited by John Wesley at a time when my Wilkinson ancestors were members).

John and Betty Kenion Hardyman had a son, William Hardyman Sr. (b. Sept. 15, 1773, Halifax). William was a cloth dresser. He married Susannah Wade (m. June 30, 1794), and later they lived at Gardeners Square in Hipperholme (just northeast of Halifax). Gardeners Square was a place of particular importance to my family, as we shall shortly see. I wrote an article, “Hipperholme Sweet Home” for The Scrivener, a publication of the Calderdale Family History Society.

William and Susannah Wade Hardyman had three children: (1) Elizabeth “Betty” Hardyman; (2) Mary Hardyman; & (3) William Hardyman Jr. Elizabeth (b. July 21, 1799) married Benjamin Aaron, who inherited his father’s shoe shop. The Aaron shoe shop has been in operated by that family continuously since 1810. Philip and Val Aaron escorted Kathryn and me around the Halifax area, fed and entertained us. Their home has many interesting prints of old Halifax. Another Aaron-Hardyman cousin, Elizabeth Paczek, has also received us warmly into her home. I have photos of Benjamin and Elizabeth Hardyman Aaron, which are particularly valued because I have no other photos of kin of that generation.

William Hardyman Jr. (b. Nov. 3, 1805) married Anne Rowbottom. William was a cooper. They had several children, including Hannah Hardyman (b. Sept. 1847). Hannah, a lifelong residence of Halifax, corresponded with her cousin James Jagger in Illinois. I have some of that correspondence, her will, census data, and have seen one of her Halifax residences.

On December 25, 1827, Mary Hardyman (b. April 3, 1803) married John Jagger (b. 1807-1808), and these were the parents of our James Jagger.


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